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Example of a customer request


Manufacturing of a machine to produce 110 g/m2 paper sleeves. Provided by Customer, drawings attached are part of the contract: Male, Female Male XL Machine sections:


Paper rolls unwinder, width 800 mm

Jo-Jo compensation and tension control module

Paper web positioner controller, BST

Longitudinal cutting knife

Web tension control module

Separation knife

Cutting and folding section

Sleeve closing flap module

Peripheries glue control module, glue pump, regulator, glue nozzles and controller

Machine parts:


1.Section for paper rolls loading, positioning and unrolling: Paper roll changing process:


Section for paper web alignment. BST for paper web alignment and control Model BST Compact Guide Size 6 - DF 2x80x800x500

Section for web traction and tension control. The paper web feeding, traction and tension are controlled by Mitsubishi servomotors and Metalwork pneumatics.

Separation knives. The module with rotary knives will cut and separate the paper web into sheets.

Longitudinal cutting and folding. The section is cutting the sheet into two parts and cross scoring for folding the sleeves.

Folding and gluing. Folding, closing section for the first side flap and gluing and/or folding the second flap.

Collage Gluing the flaps and joining the sleeves into pairs.

Positioning and counting. The module enables product packaging.

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